Frequently Asked Questions from the Request a Woman Scientist platform


Question: My discipline isn’t listed- can I add one?  

Response: We crowd-sourced our disciplines and, for the moment, will not be adding others. Our “keywords” are completely searchable and are a great way to customize your entry. Please use that space to include more details about what you do and who you are. Both professional and personal keywords are encouraged.

Question: How do I download the data I queried?

Response: This is actually quite easy to do within the viz. If you click on the header with “last name” etc.


Then click on the down arrow button on the Tableau footer.


The options “Crosstab” and “Data” will show up.


You can then use these options to download your data, which will include name, e-mail address, website, etc.

Question: How do I get someone’s email address/website?

Response: You do this by clicking on their name, a box will then show up with a link to the email and web addresses.


Question: Can I include multiple web addresses with my entry?

Response: At the moment, we can not include multiple sites, but are working on this for the future.