The federal budget for fiscal year 2018 (FY18) will be a top legislative priority when Congress returns from August recess. A bipartisan budget agreement that raises the spending caps and prioritizes research ensures a stronger, healthier and more prosperous nation.

Now is the time to advocate for the role of science in society. Science touches the lives of everyone on the planet. As scientists, we are keenly aware of the role that research and innovation play in strengthening our nation, and now we want the broader public to appreciate how science benefits society.

Save the date and mark your calendar for our upcoming social media campaign #FundUSAscience on Twitter sponsored by the D.C. Pod on Tuesday September 5th to complement the Op-Ed Project “Building a Better Society Through Science” sponsored by 500 Women Scientists, RISE Stronger, Union of Concerned Scientists, and Engaging Scientists and Engineers in Policy (ESEP).

This is an opportunity to step outside of our scientific disciplines to engage with the broader public and share the value of science in society. Show your support and tweet at @500wsDC on Tuesday September 5th using the campaign hashtag #FundUSAscience with a brief description calling out important research in our nation.

Help #FundUSAscience go viral!

  • Tweet positive aspirational messages that convey how science benefits society.
    • Negative messaging can make it extremely difficult to engage in productive conversations, and 500 Women scientists D.C. Pod will not retweet negative messaging or hashtags (i.e. no #resist). It is okay to discuss implications of budget cuts. However, if you are a federal employee, use your judgment on how best to share this information.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words. If you can, include a cool photo of data, a picture of you conducting an experiment, or fieldwork in your tweet. 
  • Share published Op-Ed articles on Twitter using the hashtag #FundUSAscience.
  • Remember to tag the 500 Women Scientists D.C. Pod (@500WSDC) and organizations sponsoring the Op-Ed campaign 500 Women Scientists (@500womensci), Rise Stronger (@RISE_stronger), Union of Concerned Scientists (@UCSUSA), and Engaging Scientists and Engineers in Policy (#ESEP).
  • Like and retweet all the #FundUSAscience you find on Twitter!


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Suggested Tweets

(use these tweets or tweet your own, adding the #FundUSAScience hashtag)

 .@DOE helps automakers produce important fuel saving innovations like stop-start technology & batteries for electric cars #FundUSAScience

Satellite research funded by @NOAA helps to monitor & understand our dynamic planet, like weather forecasting! #FundUSAScience

.@NASA Carbon Monitoring System develops tools for measuring greenhouse gas emissions from forests & other natural sources #FundUSAScience

Scientists at @USGS study the landscape of the US, natural resources, & the natural hazards that threaten our country #FundUSAScience

Researchers and science funded by @NIST examine how to improve the nation’s cybersecurity & development of nanotechnology #FundUSAScience

.@CDC chronic disease prevention programs reduce the incidence of heart disease, stroke, diabetes & obesity #FundUSAScience

Prevention for domestic HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases and tuberculosis are supported by @CDC across the nation #FundUSAScience

.@EPA determines safe levels for toxins & pathogens to ensure our nation's waters is safe for fishing, swimming, & drinking #FundUSAScience

The Agricultural Research Service @USDA is necessary to ensure high-quality, safe and nutritional food to our nation #FundUSAScience

.@EPA protects our right to clean air and clean water. #FundUSAscience

.@NOAA helps me protect my home from floods and other disasters. #FundUSAscience

.@ENERGY is demonstrating the momentum of clean energy. #FundUSAscience

.@USDA stands up for science-based standards for nutrition and agriculture #FundUSAscience

.@US_FDA makes sure my medicine works and my food is safe. #FundUSAscience

.@USCPSC makes sure that my home products are safe for me and my family. #FundUSAscience

.@NWS keeps us safe and aware of severe weather threats like hurricanes and tornadoes. #FundUSAscience


Other Potential Prompts for the #FundUSAScience campaign

  1. Tweet a photo of yourself in the field or in the lab doing science

  2. Tweet a picture of a local landmark that would be impacted by budget cuts

  3. Thank a government scientist for their contributions (#thankagovscientist)

  4. Tweet a fact about a local institution that benefits from federal science

  5. Tweet a resource that shares information about the impacts of budget cuts on federal science

  6. Tweet your Member of Congress asking them where they stand on a funding issues

  7. Tweet your Member of Congress thanking them for their support on a local issue and ask them to commit to funding federal science

  8. Tweet a fun fact about federal science that relates to a local issue

  9. Tweet an article about exciting new federal science

  10. Tweet about local climate impacts

  11. Tweet about health benefits of federal research (seatbelts, flu vaccine, ozone…)

  12. Tweet your Member of Congress inviting them to view your research, tour your campus/lab, or explore local impacts during October recess (Senate: 10/9-13 House: 10/16-20)

  13. Tweet about historic science days (OTD) that relate to federal funding (some examples here https://todayinsci.com/)

Additional Resources:

Thank a Government Scientist examples: http://www.ucsusa.org/center-science-and-democracy/thank-a-government-scientist#.WZ7ywz596Ul

Find your members of Congress on Twitter: http://www.tweetcongress.org/tweeters

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