When EPA was founded in 1970, America was suffering from smog filled cities, polluted rivers, toxic waste dumps, and harmful pesticides like DDT. Since then, the EPA has put limits on air and water pollution that industries are allowed to emit, banned cancerous chemicals like PCB’s, enacted acid rain controls, taken the lead on limiting greenhouse gasses to reduce climate change, and continues to keep polluters in check. As a result, Americans have a cleaner and safer environment today than 50 years ago.

Even with everything the EPA has accomplished, there is still much to be done to ensure the long-term health of our communities and our environment:  

Now more than ever, EPA cannot move backwards. The EPA must remain a leader in the American environmental movement, and continue and build upon their critical work cleaning up the environment, ensuring environmental justice, and protecting human health.

Show the EPA some love! 

Send a postcard to the EPA before April 1 with your story!


1. On a postcard, write how the EPA has made a difference in your life and community.

These stories, together, can remind us and our leaders that it is OUR EPA - the EPA of the people, for the planet, that must continue to protect our environment for us and generations to come! Need some ideas on how to start your postcard? Check out our ideas below, and click here for a sample postcard template.


2. Share your story on social media.

Take a picture with your postcard and post it on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram using the hashtag #OurEPA and tweet at @Our_EPA. Tell the world why you care about the EPA, and encourage others to do the same! Check below for ideas for suggested tweets to help spread your message.


3.  Join or host a post card party!

We’ve heard the best way to write postcards is at a party! Join or a host a postcard writing party at your local bar, coffee shop, community center, or with your friends in your living room. Part of 500 Women Scientists, or interested in joining? Reach out to your local pod to organize or join a gathering. If you are a teacher, host one in your classroom or with an after school group! Share ideas and stories about why you care about environmental protection. Share your photos on social media with the #OurEPA hashtag. We will be sharing information on local postcard writing parties on the 500 Women Scientists website, so keep checking back!         


You can use our template from Postcards from the People,, or try out some of these postcards that we like:

Be sure to send in your postcards by April 1!

Some questions and Topics to help guide postcard writing parties:

  • How has environmental protection by the EPA impacted your life?
  • How can the EPA can support future research?
  • We know environmental impacts extend beyond our local communities. Tell us why you think it’s important that the federal government remains a key leader in the environmental movement.
  • Environmental regulations protect our drinking water. EPA supports local and state governments with millions of dollars in grants and technical assistance to improve drinking water and wastewater systems.
  • EPA goes after companies that flout the law. When Volkswagen tried to cheat on emissions standards and mislead consumers and the government, EPA won and agreement for the company to buy back vehicles from consumers and pay billions in penalties that will go to states to mitigate air pollution impacts.
  • Communities of color are more likely to live in polluted areas, and to suffer health effects like asthma. We need environmental justice now!
  • Clean energy is our future. 83% of Americans want our government to invest in clean, renewable energy sources. Climate change is real!
  • For more information about legislation passing through Congress right now see here


Where to send it? 

EPA’s regional offices work directly with states and communities to provide assistance and enforce environmental laws. Mail your postcard to your regional EPA office and let them know you support their work!


Washington, DC

Environmental Protection Agency

Office of the Administrator, Mailbox 1101A

1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.

Washington, DC 20460


Region 1 (CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT)

Environmental Protection Agency

5 Post Office Square - Suite 100

Boston, MA 02109-3912


Region 2 (NJ, NY, PR, VI)

Environmental Protection Agency

290 Broadway

New York, NY 10007-1866


Region 3 (DE, MD, PA, VA, WV)

Environmental Protection Agency

1650 Arch Street

Philadelphia, PA 19103-2029


Region 4 (AL, FL, GA, KY, MS, NC, SC, TN)

Environmental Protection Agency

Atlanta Federal Center

61 Forsyth Street, SW

Atlanta, GA 30303-3104



Region 5 (IL, IN, MI, MN, OH, WI)

Environmental Protection Agency

77 West Jackson Boulevard

Chicago, IL 60604-3507


Region 6 (AR, LA, NM, OK, TX)

Environmental Protection Agency

Fountain Place 12th Floor, Suite 1200

1445 Ross Avenue

Dallas, TX 75202-2733


Region 7 (IA, KS, MO, NE)

Environmental Protection Agency

11201 Renner Blvd.

Lenexa, KS 66219


Region 8 (CO, MT, ND, SD, UT, WY)

Environmental Protection Agency

1595 Wynkoop St.

Denver, CO 80202-1129

Region 9 (AZ, CA, HI, NV)

Environmental Protection Agency

75 Hawthorne Street

San Francisco, CA 94105


Region 10 (AK, ID, OR, WA)

Environmental Protection Agency

1200 Sixth Avenue, Suite 900

Seattle, WA 98101



Suggested Tweets

Do you support the EPA? Show your love! Write a postcard, take a pic and share it with #OurEPA, send it to your regional office @Our_EPA

Snowed in? Write a postcard to support the @EPA! Take a pic and share it using #OurEPA to @Our_EPA 

The @EPA needs our support! Write a postcard & share how the EPA is important to you. Tag #OurEPA, then send postcard to a regional office

Click here for more Tweet ideas!


Share with COngress

  • Congress goes into recess the week after we will send postcards; perfect timing for you to go with your story to your local town hall ready with your message, so you can tell your representative WHY you wrote a postcard to the EPA, and how important protecting the environment is to our communities. Find your rep here and click here for a list of proposed cuts to EPA.

  • Current Legislation moving through the 115th Congress.