Looking into 2018, the leadership team is catalyzing programs that will help us achieve our mission of making science open, inclusive and accessible. 

In 2018, we plan to:

  • Blossom as a full-time organization. This means paying for critical infrastructure that modern grassroots organizations need to operate, especially across time zones and borders. We need to raise $10,000 to cover:

    • Our mailing list ($1440 / year)

    • Our web hosting ($300 / year)

    • A dedicated teleconference line ($240 / year)

    • Outside contractors who assist with our website, financial tracking, and tax filing ($3,000 year)

    • Travel for biannual board meetings ($3000 / year)

    • Thank you cards to sponsors ($300 / year)

    • Formally filing our non-profit paperwork ($850 one-time fee)

  • Grow and support our network of pods. Our presence in local communities and at scientific conferences has helped us build mutual aid networks, mentor and peer relationships, and new venues for discussing and advancing inclusion in our field. Our visibility in communities and at conferences also means that people know they can come to us if they feel unsafe or need to report harassment. We’re raising $6,100 to cover:

    • Stickers and posters for conferences ($500 one-time cost)

    • Travel for conferences and speaking events ($2000 / year)

    • Outreach activities (local community events, schools, local co-hosted workshops) and supplies ($1000 / year)

    • Grants to pods for special events, training workshops and space rental ($200 grants to pods x 20 pods in a pilot grant program, $10,000 / year)

    • Board Insurance ($600 / year)

  • Amplify diverse voices in science. That’s right. We’re ending the manel. And that means no more all-white diversity panels, either. We can also help more journalists do what Ed Yong at the The Atlantic did when he started tracking the gender of the people he was quoting, going from a 3:1 male-to-female ratio to an equal one. Our “Request a Scientist” platform will connect members with journalists, conference organizers, and science education event promoters. Our network is huge - 15,000 scientists and growing! - so we need to put in the time to build a database that can make it easier for us to connect.

    • We estimate that we’ll need $1,000 to build this database and online platform.   

We have a lot of work to do in 2018, and we will need your help and support to make all of it happen. Please consider making a donation on our website today to help us make science open, inclusive and accessible for everyone.

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