The mission of 500 Women Scientists is to promote a diverse and inclusive scientific community that brings progressive science-based solutions to local and global challenges.


To achieve our mission we:

  1. Empower women to grow to their full potential in science;

  2. Increase scientific literacy through public engagement;

  3. Advocate for science and equality.


Our values are rooted in:

  • Recognizing that science touches the lives of every person on this planet;

  • Advocating for a strong role of science in society;

  • Identifying and acknowledging structural inequities and biases in science;

  • Pushing for equality and standing up to inequality, discrimination, and aggression;

  • Pushing to develop and strengthen access for traditionally underrepresented groups to fully participate in and become leaders in science;

  • Supporting the education and careers of all scientists;

  • Enhancing scientific mentorship and encouraging an atmosphere of collaboration;

  • Stepping outside of our research disciplines to communicate our science and engage with the public;

  • Using the language and wonder of science to bridge the divides that separate societies and to enhance global diplomacy.