infertility and the leaky pipeline

Dr. Catherine Wagner, Dr. Wendy Bohon, Dr. Elizabeth McCullagh, Dr. Tania Kim, Dr. Jane Zelikova, Dr. Gretchen Goldman, Dr. Jessica Metcalf, and Dr. Rachel Gallery

March 8, 2019

Scientific American


lets talk about miscarriage baby

PJ Teichholtz

March 11, 2019

Scientific American


do science, pump, repeat

Dr. Elizabeth (Liz) McCullagh, Dare Henry-Moss, Dr. Wendy Bohon, Whitney Phinney, Dr. Theresa Jedd, Gretchen Goldman

March 15, 2019

Scientific American

Photo by  Daiga Ellaby  on  Unsplash

science should be more helpful to new parents

Dr. Emma Kate Loveday and Dr. Susanne Brander

March 22, 2019

Scientific American

work justice.jpg

how work family justice can bring balance to scientist moms

Dr. Rachel Buxton, Shiway Wang, Dr. Elizabeth Phillips, Dr. Holly Jones, Dr. Heather Major, Dr. Jennifer Provencher

April 11, 2019

Scientific American