Suggested Tweets

Do you support the EPA? Show your love! Write a postcard, take a pic and share it with #OurEPA, send it to your regional office @Our_EPA

Snowed in? Write a postcard to support the @EPA! Take a pic and share it using #OurEPA to @Our_EPA 

The @EPA needs our support! Write a postcard & share how the EPA is important to you. Tag #OurEPA, then send postcard to a regional office

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Share with COngress

  • Congress goes into recess the week after we will send postcards; perfect timing for you to go with your story to your local town hall ready with your message, so you can tell your representative WHY you wrote a postcard to the EPA, and how important protecting the environment is to our communities. Find your rep here and click here for a list of proposed cuts to EPA.

  • Current Legislation moving through the 115th Congress.