Show the EPA some love! 

Send a postcard to the EPA before April 1 with your story!


1. On a postcard, write how the EPA has made a difference in your life and community.

These stories, together, can remind us and our leaders that it is OUR EPA - the EPA of the people, for the planet, that must continue to protect our environment for us and generations to come! Need some ideas on how to start your postcard? Check out our ideas below, and click here for a sample postcard template.


2. Share your story on social media.

Take a picture with your postcard and post it on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram using the hashtag #OurEPA and tweet at @Our_EPA. Tell the world why you care about the EPA, and encourage others to do the same! Check below for ideas for suggested tweets to help spread your message.


3.  Join or host a post card party!

We’ve heard the best way to write postcards is at a party! Join or a host a postcard writing party at your local bar, coffee shop, community center, or with your friends in your living room. Part of 500 Women Scientists, or interested in joining? Reach out to your local pod to organize or join a gathering. If you are a teacher, host one in your classroom or with an after school group! Share ideas and stories about why you care about environmental protection. Share your photos on social media with the #OurEPA hashtag. We will be sharing information on local postcard writing parties on the 500 Women Scientists website, so keep checking back!         


You can use our template from Postcards from the People,, or try out some of these postcards that we like:

Be sure to send in your postcards by April 1!