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March for Science

Check out all the awesome posters from 500WS

Check out all the awesome posters from 500WS


Find your Pod:

500WS pods are getting together to make signs, organizing teach-in booths, and creating social media campaigns. Find your pod and march with fellow supporters of science, of women, and of our shared values! Find your Pod!


Marching in DC? Join us! and come find us throughout the day.


SnapChat your story!

SnapChat contacted 500WS and wants to highlight our stories from the March. Here are some directions from SnapChat:

  • Vertical Video with Sound. We rarely use stills and we can't really use anything that is muted.
  • Selfies are golden. The reason is that it shows real-life perspective. Tell us what's going on. Tell us how you feel in the moment. We love and show a lot of chants, but we'll get a lot of those. What we don't get (and what we need) are people talking to the camera about what's happening. 
  • We will likely have custom-made filters for the event, probably prompting you guys to answer questions like "I'm Marching Because..." Think of ways to answer questions like this in genuine ways (in less than 10 seconds)
  • Send to Our Story. If you send to My Story, contrary to conspiracy theories, we have no access to them. Please send them to Our Story (probably with a posting name Science March) for us to access. 
  • Most importantly. Please be authentic. Be yourself. Have fun with it. 



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