500 Women Scientists is interested in partnering with other groups whose mission and values intersect with our own. You can find and learn more about our partners here. We define partnerships in three non-mutually exclusive ways:

  • Partnership: A non-binding agreement by 500WS to cooperate with another entity in order to advance overlapping mission and goals

  • Partner Organization (PO): An entity that is actively involved in partnership activities or collaborations with 500WS.

  • Endorsing Organization (EO): An entity that publicly endorses 500WS (or asks for our endorsement) but is not actively engaged in partnership activities

From identity-based organizations to large scientific societies, community based non-profits, other women in science organizations, and entities that support capacity building, we see great potential in mobilizing the resources and talents of our members to achieve common goals.

Examples of partnership ideas include:

  • Demonstrate and march together at public events

  • Develop and fund workshops/trainings, both locally and at conferences

  • Develop science outreach materials

  • Write joint op-eds, articles, policy statements, etc

  • Run a joint campaign 

Activities we welcome but that are not partnerships:

  • Promote each other’s events and posts on social media

  • Encourage members to join each other’s pods/local chapters 

In order to succeed, Partnerships will have clearly defined goals, expectations, means of communication, and a realistic timeframe.

Want to discuss a potential Partnership or becoming an Endorsing Organization, get in touch using the contact form below and include a short description of a potential partnership, along with goals and duration so we can more quickly evaluate and engage with you about the idea.

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