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I want to start this post by taking a moment to appreciate our growing network, and to say thank you to all you awesome women and supporters who are behind this success. I know this week is ending on a dark note for American science and that the proposed budget cuts are damn scary. We have strength in each other and we will continue to #resist every day. 

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Women Scientists of Europe Unite

Women Scientists of Europe Unite

Science and technology are integral to all aspects of our life — from medicine and the environment to energy and trade. Today, more than ever, breakthroughs in science towards solving society’s biggest challenges are best made by collaborations across national boundaries, by interdisciplinary research, and, foremost, by bringing together diverse scientific minds. Yet, while it is well established that diversity leads to better science, women, people of colour, immigrants, LGBTQIA, and disabled people continue to face ubiquitous and well-known challenges in sciences across the world and across Europe.