Weekly Wrap-Up

This week I was asked to give a short 'Welcome Back & Happy New Year's' speech at work. Just a few minutes on my thoughts of 2016 and an outlook for 2017. Since I am in the Netherlands, I didn't want to make my speech too political, too soapboxy, or too focused on the USA. But then, I was asked to step up onto a small stage, almost literally a soapbox, and how could I not get a little carried away. Especially after this week of hearings in DC, and of course with the inauguration a week away... I had feelings. 

Yet, instead of focusing on the hate or fear, I did what we have all pledged to do. I spoke for equality, for the empowerment of women and underserved groups, for science outreach, and for advocacy. And while I may have gone a bit too far into the feelings, I think my sentiment was appreciated and I am glad I had to oppurtunity to continue sharing the message of 500WS. 

So many women our taking action in their own communities, share in the comments what you worked on this week! Here is what 500WS was up to:  

What we've done:

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