Take Action Tuesday

You guys, we realized that Thursday is too late in the week to be taking action! So we have moved it to Tuesday. We hope you are managing to stay grounded during this crazy week. Remember keep focused on your values. Here are several great actions for the the week: 

  • Connect in person with other 500WS in your area! Interested in setting up your own 500WS Pod or joining one in your area? Contact us!
  • Support muslim immigrants. A small donation to one of these orgs listed in Jezebel  can go a long way, find one that feels right for you. We will have a full post that includes many more actions later this week! #NoBanNoWall 

  • Misogynist Steve Bannon’s influence at the White House continues to grow. We suggest joining the huge effort to defund Ads for Breitbart. We did this for our first weekly action with a lot of direct responses from advertisers. Now there are more sophisticated tools! You can find info here.

  • Keep calling your representatives - One issue per call. It’s busy a lot, but keep calling back! Look out for the Supreme court nomination later today.