Ada Lovelace Day

Happy Ada Lovelace Day! This week for #takeactiontuesday we promote and discuss the awesomeness of women scientists. We celebrate the brilliance and creativity of Ada Lovelace, a mathematician and visionary of computer science. We also reflect on how many women scientists are overlooked and under appreciated. 

1) Join many other groups today in recognizing Ada Lovelace and celebrating women in STEM. We encourage you to tweet about your favorite woman scientist using #500womenscientists and #findingada. If the person you highlight doesn’t have a wikipedia page, consider creating one! And as a bonus, listen to a podcast about Ada Lovelace

2) Get informed about how scientists are recognized for their work. We include a couple of articles (here and here) that discuss this topic in light of recent Nobel prizes. When you see those emails roll in about nominating colleagues for prizes, consider forming a group and nominating a deserving woman!