Take Action Tuesday

This week, I am at the Women’s Global Leadership Forum at U.Va and have been reminded of and inspired by amazing women outside STEM working to improve the rights of women and girls around the world. It has been another reminder that for all the work there is to do, we have many allies in our journey and many places to look for inspiration. Speaking of work to do, here are some specific actions for the week, one inward facing and one outward facing: 

  • We are compiling a list of effective resources for those who’ve experienced, or know someone who’s experienced gender based violence, including sexual harassment and assault. We are aware that even well meaning Human Resource departments or Title IX offices may not necessarily be effective for everyone. What are some other avenues to explore?  RAINN is one possible example, do you know of any targeted at women in academia or in science? Share your resources here.

  • The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act introduced in the House of Representatives and likely to be voted on THIS WEEK, is predicted to have disastrous effects for science, specifically for grad students. Here is an excellent summary. Basically, if you are a graduate student who receives tuition waiver,  your tuition waiver will be treated as taxable income under this plan. Find and call your Congressional representative to let them know what you think.