Weekly Action

In light of the July 4th holiday yesterday, this week we ask you to take time by providing the Department of Interior with our expert scientific opinions about the 27 National Monuments up for review

If any of these beautiful places are valuable to your science, please take a minute to fill out this form with your comment.  For example, Jessica Metcalf commented on the value of the Rio Grande del Norte to the Rio Grande Cutthroat trout, which she studied during my PhD:  

I am writing in regards to the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument.  This area is important habitat for New Mexico's state Fish, the Rio Grande cutthroat trout. This magnificent fish was once broadly distributed in the headwaters of the various Rio Grande drainages, but is now restricted to only 10% of its previous range. The Rio Grande del Norte National Monument is an important habitat for these fish, which are threatened with extinction due to human activities such as the introduction of invasive fishes, habitat loss, and climate change. During my PhD research at the University of Colorado, I worked with populations of Rio Grande cutthroat trout to better understand their evolutionary history and current genetic diversity. Our research showed that these are unique and distinct fish worthy of protection. As a scientist, I encourage you to retain this National Monument as it is a critical resource for these fish.  

Need help writing your comment, AAAS has more information here