Take Action Tuesday

Rise Up, Take Action! We hope you were inspired by the many MLK events yesterday. In that spirit, we focus on those under-served in science. Help us lift them up!

  1. Call your representatives to demand they support a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrant youth and reject the divisive border wall. Ask them to demand for a clean DACA bill in the ongoing budget negotiations. Use the 5calls.org script or the United We Dream script as a starting point for your message, and elaborate using the points discussed in this blog post.
  2. Find out how your university or alma mater supports undocumented students and tell us in the comments. If your institution does nothing or does not do enough, urge them to do more. To be an advocate for undocumented youth, refer to these toolkits and resources about higher education.
  3. Most importantly, vote! 2018 is an election year, with primaries in spring and the elections in November. Make it clear at the ballot box that we want representatives in Congress who support a path to citizenship for undocumented youth and humane immigration policy. Update your voter registration if you need to, and make sure everyone you know who can vote is also registered and votes.
  • We kick off the new year with a new campaign - Science Salons for Puerto Rico campaign - that will simultaneously train women scientists to communicate with the public and raise money for science education in Puerto Rico. This week, we ask you to start planning a Science Salon for Women’s History Month in March. Get together with friends or your pod.