Take Action Tuesday

For the new year, we're asking 500WS to look forward to the world we want, and the part we can play in it. Here's an activity for you to do as an individual or, better yet, as your first pod meeting of the year (tried and tested by the Boulder pod).

2018 Vision Exercise.
Goal: Look forward with intention to 2018.
Materials: Index cards and pens.
Time: 20 minutes.


  1. Everyone takes three index cards. On each, address one of these questions:
    • What I would like for science in 2018
    • What I would like for 500WS in 2018, especially in relation to 1 (what can we do the get there?)
    • What I would like from or for myself in 2018, especially in relation to 1&2.
    • The prompts are simply 1) Science, 2) 500WS, 3) Me.
  2. Take some time for people to write their thoughts, and then pair or group up and share.
  3. At the end, do a quick round where everyone shares their science card.
  4. Collect the cards and type them up or take pictures to share with the rest of the pod.

Share your visions with us, too! Send photos or text from your cards to @500womensci for distribution.

Happy 2018!