Take Action Tuesday

Inform Your Vote. Plan Your Vote

We are one week away from election day. Are you ready to vote?

Be an informed voter.

  • BallotReady explains your ballot completely. It includes positions and endorsements for every candidate at every level, as well as explanations for every amendment and proposition. Online, you can save your choices for your own reference. In some States you can take your pre-saved ballot choices with you into the voting booth.

  • Check Science Debate for your candidates’ responses to science policy questions.

  • If you live in these States, check the voter guides created by 500 Women Scientists pods. These educate voters on candidate positions for scientific integrity, immigration, harassment, environment and other interests of women in science.

Make a plan to vote.

Don’t just vote, volunteer.

  • Get involved. Making calls and knocking on doors to tell others why you’re voting is an effective way to mobilize your community to vote.