Happy 2-yr anniversary and our 100th Take Action Tuesday post!

This week, we celebrate our 2 year anniversary and our 100th Take Action post!! Our official first Take Action post was on December 8, 2016 and in the 99 subsequent weekly posts, we have called on our members to call their elected representatives, prompted actions to support immigrants, to defend healthcare and funding for science, to fight against discrimination and harassment, and to take action in our communities to push for inclusion and equity.

On this 2 year anniversary and 100th post, we #takeactiontuesday by connecting with our amazing network of women scientists.

  1. Calling all women scientists and supporters - it’s time to get our ranks together. Schedule a meet up with your pods and if you don’t have a pod in your town, starting one could not be easier.

  2. We rarely take a moment to celebrate our accomplishments so this week, let’s celebrate all the amazing women scientists in our spheres and shine a light on all our accomplishments. Give a shout-out to your favorite woman scientist, using the #thiswomanrocks hashtag.

  3. Help us reach our goal of 500 subscribers by the end of 2018 - subscribe to support this organization, every little bit helps! And if you’ve already subscribed, you can subscribe in someone else’s honor.

Photo by Tim Zänkert on Unsplash

This week’s post is brought to you by co-founder Jane Zelikova.