Take Action Tuesday

Help #DiversifyTheFuture and support our Fellowship for the Future

Women of color experience gender biases in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) spaces that vary with race. Notably, only about 10% of those employed in science and/or engineering is a woman of color. In response and in line with our mission at 500 Women Scientists, we are launching the Fellowship for the Future to recognize and amplify the important contributions of women of color in STEM. This fellowship will provide awardees with leadership training, a stipend, and additional resources to complete their projects that help make the STEM community more inclusive and equitable. Learn more about our fellowship here.

To support our Fellowship for the Future, you can:

  1. Retweet our announcements on social media. We’ll be sharing information on our Twitter and Instagram accounts.

  2. Donate! Every bit counts!

  3. Print and share this flyer about our fundraising campaign in your department, with your colleagues and to those able to donate at higher levels.

  4. Share this opportunity with future Fellowship applicants. Our first cohort is scheduled to start in Fall 2020.

  5. Send a message of thanks to a mentor who works to make the scientific community more equitable and just.