Take Action Tuesday

Last week we were moved and inspired by the thousands of students who took to the streets for the National School Walkout. On Saturday thousands more will join the March for our Lives in Washington, DC. For us, these students set an example that if we leave things unspoken nothing will change. We must practice speaking up, and we must take conscious actions to create change. This is why every week choose to speak up for a cause close to us, however small or big the cause may seem. Today, for our #weeklyaction we encourage you to speak up for women, for science, and for justice.

  1. Are you in the US? Comment on the NSF’s new reporting sexual harassment policy.

  2. Write an Op-Ed or blog post about an issue close to your heart. For example, this weekend we wrote about #scicomm. What will you write about? We have resources here and are always willing to edit and help you find a place to submit your piece. Or maybe you want to submit a post here.