Weekly Wrap-Up

How are you all celebrating Earth Day? Maybe attending one of our Science Salons? Enjoying a relaxing hike? Reading a nice book? Need help finding an event, check out this cool calendar from Science Rising! For us we are starting to prepare for our twice a year board meeting. In June we will host our meeting in Atlanta with the help of the Atlanta Pod! What do we do at our meetings? Here are our notes from November. Really it is an intensive 2 days of brainstorming, listening, connecting and planning. If you have ideas for what our next steps should be, our inbox is always open :). Enjoy the weekend! 

What we've done

  • In Chicago, the pod helped girls grown roots in STEM (tree pun intended). 
  • Spoke to The Nation about the #MeToo movement in science.

  • Taking action for Sexual Assault Awareness month. 

  • Científicas alrededor del mundo apoyarán proyecto educativo de CienciaPR #sciencessalon

  • Talked to the Atlantic about the gender gap in science. 

What we like