Take Action Tuesday

Happy Pride Month! At 500 Women Scientists, we firmly believe the way to effect change is to draw attention to challenges, while highlighting and celebrating the changemakers. So we’re thrilled to partner with 500 Queer Scientists, which launched yesterday to increase visibility for LGBTQ+ people in the scientific community. Yesterday, we introduced you to 500QS co-founder, Dr. Lauren Esposito, who shared the inspiration behind and need for the campaign.

Whether you are a member of the LGBTQ+ STEMM community or an ally, you can do your part to make this campaign a success.  Share your story to boost recognition and awareness of queer scientists. If you need inspiration to find the right words, 500QS has developed a toolkit to help you tell your story and share it with the world. They’ve also developed an excellent set of resources that take a deeper dive into challenges facing the LGBTQ+ STEM community, including an increased likelihood of experiencing exclusionary behavior while advancing through their career.

You can follow and amplify 500QS on Twitter @500QueerSci and on Instagram @500queerscientists!