Take Action Tuesday

This week, we make our voices heard to ensure science is being used in EPA's decision-making process and we write letters to pre-scientists. Join us to #takeaction.

1) The EPA is considering new rules that will restrict the science that can be used in decision-making. Under the new regime, the EPA administrator will be responsible for deciding what science is “acceptable." The period for public comments has been extended through August 16th. Educate yourself about the issue via the Union of Concerned Scientists and take action:

Comment on the new rules and make it clear that EPA should be listening to experts and looking at all available scientific evidence when protecting our health, air and water.

2) Letters to a Pre-scientist is asking for scientists from around the world to sign up to be a pen-pal with 5th-9th grade students from low-income schools. Your personal connection to a student will teach them about science, familiarize them with opportunities in science, and provide necessary practice in reading and writing. Sign up to be a pen-pal for Letters to a Pre-scientist.