Take Action Tuesday Independence Edition

“Be bold. Be courageous. Never be afraid to speak up and speak out. Together we can build a more perfect union. #goodtrouble” Representative John Lewis

The Declaration of Independence in the U.S. is a document of protest. If you are an American, there is no better way to show your patriotism on the 4th of July, than to take an action to improve your country. Some ideas below:

  1. Grab a postcard you have laying around, and use it to write your elected officials. Also, check out these Patriotic Protest downloadable cards on Etsy.

  2. Continue to support efforts to keep immigrant families together.  Wall of Us provides excellent resources.

  3. Are you going to catch up with your online shopping?  Check out https://grabyourwallet.org/ and be informed. Send an email if you don’t agree with some of the companies that you support as a consumer.

  4. Amplify your actions! If you are on twitter, tag @500womensci and #goodtrouble