Take Action Tuesday

Make sure your vote counts

The U.S. General Election is November 6th, 2018. Last week was the last primary* election in the United States, which means we are now well into the general election season. When I voted in my state’s primary election, I was reminded that registration deadlines for voting in the general election are coming up too! Today’s action is focused on advocating for your community through the political and social tools available to you.

  1. Check that you are registered to vote. Even if you think you are, it’s worth checking that your registration is updated—especially if you haven’t voted in the last few years or have moved. It’s super easy and takes 30 seconds!

  2. Register to vote, and remind your friends and family to register too. We’re fast approaching the first deadlines in early October. You can check your state’s registration deadline here.

  3. We encourage you not only to vote this year, but to volunteer!

    1. If you only have a few minutes, use social media to share the importance of voting and how science is interlinked with important social and political challenges.

    2. Have some more time? Write notecards to encourage voter turnout this year, submit a letter or op-ed to campus or local newspapers about why voting matters, and find more ways to get out the vote as an individual or with your 500 Women Scientists pod.

*Louisiana holds its primary election on the general election day.

Today's Take Action Tuesday is brought to you by 500WS leaders Jewel Lipps & Susan Cheng