Take Action Tuesday

Change the face of science

This year, 500 Women Scientists is partnering with Science-A-Thon (October 15-19th)—a week-long, international, social media campaign to change how science and scientists are seen in the public sphere. Ever wonder what a seismologist does? Or what the day looks like for a TV meteorologist? All week, scientists—from academia to industry—will be posting pictures on social media of the work they do and raising funds to support women across the globe in the Earth Sciences.

  1. You can help define #ThisIsWhatAScientistLooksLike by joining us in Science-A-Thon! Learn more about Science-A-Thon and register here.

  2. Follow participating scientists on Instagram and Twitter so you don’t miss their upcoming #dayofscience. Can’t wait? You can learn more about this year’s scientists, including keynotes, on the Science-A-Thon website right now!

  3. Funds raised during Science-A-Thon will support the Earth Science Women’s Network (which runs one of my favorite job listservs anyone can sign up for), and their ScienceForward initiative, which promotes scientists as role models and builds on-ramps for students to prepare for STEM careers. You can donate to Science-A-Thon or any participating scientist, here.

I can’t wait to see all the pictures that will be posted that week—and we hope you’ll join us!

Today's Take Action Tuesday is brought to you by 500WS leader Susan Cheng.