Take Action Tuesday

Support milk producing moms!

Most workplaces do not have proper facilities to support moms when they return from work. One important component of this is having enough and adequate lactation spaces to support the decision to breastfeed. Here are some ways you can help!

  • As part of the #SciMomJourney campaign, we are crowdsourcing experiences to shine a light on the challenges many moms face in scientific institutions and creating a repository of resources for sci-parents. Share your story and you can also send a request to join our #SciMomJourney Slack workspace.

  • Subscribe to Milk and Cookies, a breastfeeding support blog created and run by Dr. Liz McCullagh, a member of the 500 Women Scientist Leadership Team.  We are partnering with Milk and Cookies as part of our campaign. Stay tuned to the blog for future stories.

  • Even if you don’t need lactation resources, find out what your campus/workspace has- are they adequate? Have you had students or coworkers who need more support? Reach out and let us know if your workplace is not doing enough so we can advocate!

Today’s post was written by Dr. Liz McCullagh, a neuroscientist and leadership team member of 500 Women Scientists.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash