Weekly Wrap-Up

It is shameful that there are so few women in science...There is a misconception in America that women scientists are all dowdy spinsters. This is the fault of men.
— Chien-Shiung Wu, experimental physicist

A central part of achieving our mission to make science open, inclusive, and accessible is to promote women in STEM in the public sphere. For the last year, our Request a Woman Scientist database has been central to that goal. Whenever someone tells us they just couldn’t find a woman with the right expertise to invite to a conference or consult in the media, we can point to the more than 9,000 women they can invite next time. This week, we published the outcomes of the first year of the Request resource and shared some of our next directions in an article for PLOS Biology. We’re eager to apply the lessons we’ve learned to revamping the database and encouraging more women to share their expertise from around the globe and from a range of STEM fields. Onwards!

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