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The efforts to ban access to abortion affects all people who can get pregnant. Remember: not all women can get pregnant and not all people who get pregnant are women. Attempts to limit access to legal and safe abortion are in violation of human rights and force illegal abortions, which threaten lives and health.  It is important to know that today, abortion is not illegal in any U.S. state. But lawmakers in Alabama, Georgia, Ohio and more U.S. states are trying hard to change that, threatening to overturn Roe vs. Wade.

We absolutely support the right to protest! But it’s important that our actions are intentional and follow the lead of organizers who have been fighting for the right to safe and legal abortions in each state and across the U.S. While strikes and boycotts might feel cathartic, they often hurt the very people who are most affected by restrictions to reproductive health services.  

Take action and look to those already leading and organizing, call your representatives, donate toPlanned Parenthood, theACLU, and find more information about donations from theNation Network of Abortion Funds.

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Photo by Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash