The mission of 500 Women in Medicine is to serve society by making medical knowledge and expertise more collaborative, accessible, and inclusive.  

To achieve our mission, we:

  1. Network women in medicine across the US and globally

  2. Advocate for gender equity in medical fields

  3. Provide healthcare and medical expertise to ensure society is equitable and just  

500 Women in Medicine works to transform leadership, diversity, and public engagement in medicine, and to enhance the ongoing efforts of 500 Women Scientists.


  • Recognizing the connection between science and medicine

  • Strengthening the existing network of women who engage with 500 Women Scientists in order to foster meaningful, cross-disciplinary communities between women in science and medicine

  • Integrating women in medicine with other STEM disciplines

  • Advocating for a strong role of women in medicine

  • Pushing for equity and standing up to inequality and discrimination

  • Identifying and acknowledging structural inequities and biases in healthcare

  • Pushing to develop and strengthen access for traditionally underrepresented groups to fully participate in and become leaders in medicine

  • Supporting the education and careers of all women physicians

  • Encouraging an atmosphere of cooperation and collaboration

  • Communicating medical knowledge and engaging with the public

Photo courtesy of Washington University.