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The gender leadership gap is well established and well known. However, it differs across industries. In health care, women are notably underrepresented in leadership roles; they represent 65 percent of the overall workforce but only 30 percent of the C-suite and 13 percent of CEO roles, according to Oliver Wyman research.

Five St. Louis medical students launch 500 Women in Medicine advocacy project

St. Louis Today

They hope to soon launch a database with the names of women who can be a resource for anyone looking for experts in a medical field.


Scientific American

The field has plenty of talented women, but to reach leadership roles they must have visible and recognizable roles within medicine and in the public.



This new initiative is called 500 Women in Medicine. But it could benefit many, many more people of all genders, both inside and outside medicine.


U.S. News and World Report

Only 16 percent of leadership positions in health care administration or department levels are filled by women.


Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

Med students launch ‘500 Women in Medicine’ initiative