List of Resources

We have compiled a short list of resources that have been helpful to many of us on our Sci-Mom journeys. If you have any other resources to share, please send them our way and we will continue to update this resources page. Science moms need more support, especially in the workplace.


Pumping at conferences

How conference organizers should design lactation spaces

Murielle Ålund ~ Postdoc, Boughman Lab, MSU keeps a website of resources for parents who attend conferences. Check her list to see if your society offers grants or on-site child care.  

Infertility Resources:

A policymaker’s guidebook to infertility statistics, law, and insurance coverage from Fertility Within Reach

Asking for insurance benefits from your employer:

RESOLVE’s advice on asking for infertility benefits

Why we all need to be asking for infertility benefits

A successful example of how advocating for change can work, from the University of Michigan

Blog from the campaign leader at UM

Materials from Michigan campaign

Alternative ways to obtain funding for infertility treatment:

Think about alternative ways to get coverage for infertility treatment.

Grants and scholarships for infertility treatment

Loan and financing opportunities for infertility treatment

Grant, scholarship, and loan opportunities for adoption

Tax credits are available that help to offset adoption expenses

Workplace rights related to infertility:

Infertility is a disability and is subject to ADA accommodation

Support people going through infertility:

Tips from RESOLVE

Surviving the stress of IVF treatment

Join our secret Facebook group: email and indicate your interest in being connected with the group moderators for the infertility support group.