Searching for Hidden Figures

You may have already read the book Hidden Figures, which is has now been made into a movie* about the brilliant black women mathematicians at NASA whose work was vital to the development of the American space program. These women were in the middle of the feminist and civil rights movements and their actions did more than help win the space race.  

I haven't yet read the book (and the film comes out in January), but this weekend I found a piece written by the Hidden Figures author Margot Lee Shetterly about one of these women, Katherine (Goble) Johnson. I was struck and inspired by Katherine's courage throughout her career and as Shetterly writes, Katherine was 'like the trickle of water that eventually forces its way through rock'. Read more about Katherine's life and work in the Nautilus article.

Who are the hidden figures in your life? Have you faced sexism, discrimination or other hardships during your career? 500 Women Scientists wants to get to know the women scientists in the group and what challenges you have had to overcome to pursue your career in science. We would love to hear your stories and the stories of women who inspire you. Respond in the comments below or send us a message.

*The search for Hidden figures: Pespi and CenturyFox have partnered and are offering funding to women in STEM whose work is changing the world. Applications are due Dec 10th.

Illustration by Rickie Pope and appears in the Nautilus article.