Take Action Thursday

Wow, this last week has been, crazy. First, we want to say thank you! Thank you for marching last weekend, for all the support and for spreading the word about 500WS. Our goal now is to efficiently channel this energy into effective actions.

1. Coffee and calling - make it a ritual.  You can find your elected representative phone number here. Pick one issue to discuss at a time, such as concerns about cabinet nominees or protecting women’s reproductive rights. 

2. Meet with other local 500 women scientists to visit your elected officials offices.  Consider coming in science garb- a lab coat says a thousand words! Use the comments section and let us know what action you take! 

Finally, a message from a friend: 
Don't feed the chaos: keep focused. Creating chaos is a political tactic. It leads to crisis, which offers an opportunity for him to say, "I am THE one to fix this." Right now, he's creating chaos with early morning and provocative tweets, with choosing cabinet nominees opposed to the departments they're tapped to lead, with a scatter-shot approach to executive orders and proposals aimed at dividing our attention, with spokespeople who can't offer evidence to support obvious false claims and lies, with pitting people against one another, with continuing to position himself as a victim, and more. The more it's about him and the chaos he creates, he can then appear as though he's tough because he's moving past the chaos. Chaos and distraction are always part of a con, and he's tremendous at it. Remember your values. Pick a few policies and root them in your values. Take small steps regularly to support your policy positions and your community. Do the things that keep you fresh and connected to humans you like and learn from. Don't feed the chaos.

(Photo: avalanche lily (Erythronium montanum) emerging through the ash deposits 3 weeks after the Mount St. Helens Eruption.)