This is a movement

This is not a moment. This is a movement. 

This past Saturday millions of women around the world marched for equality, justice, and women's rights, and there were thousands of women scientists among them.

The issues that the marches brought to light resonate with all of us. Marchers representing 500WS showed up in at least 51 cities, 29 U.S. states, and 3 countries. Check out our gallery of photos, and let us know where you marched! Also, the Atlantic wrote about the organizers behind 500WS and highlighted many of the women who marched. 

Seeing such an amazing turnout gives us inspiration, strength, and hope -- nourishment for the challenges ahead. With the support of over 13,000 women from over 100 countries, we meet each day with a resolve rooted in our mission and values.

So what's next for 500WS? Well, we probably could change our name to 50,000 or 5 million women scientists. Help us reach those numbers and spread the word (to women scientists and supporters)!

We are working on a strategic plan beyond reacting to immediate threats to our values and our aim to to build a sustainable movement to continue to support you and to speak for you for the months and years to come. Stay tuned for updates on how you can contribute!

There are many ways to stay connected with 500WS: our website for updates and news, our Facebook page, our twitter feed, and of course you are always free to message us directly.

500 Women Scientists is your organization, your platform, your voice. We are heartened by the support we have received and will continue to fight for all of us. 

Keep up the great work! 
Jane & Kelly