Launch Party Preparation

Join us in celebration!

On June 3rd, 500 Women Scientists is hosting a Launch Party - and we invite you to join in!

Since we published our open letter in November of 2016, more than 19,000 women scientists from over 100 countries have signed our pledge. We are truly a global movement of women voices. Together, we have launched local pods all over the world. We have marched collectively for science, for women, for climate action, and for social justice. And we have published strong statement after strong statement, in Op-Eds and blog posts, to defend science, women’s voices, and truth.

One of the amazing co-benefits of being a part of 500WomenScientists is the network of support and connection we can offer each other as women and as scientists. It is truly an awesome thing to prioritize our relationships with other women. 

So on June 3rd, we invite you and your local pod to take part in a collective celebration.

Recommendations for planning your pod’s 500 Women Scientists Launch Party!

  • Get outside - Choose a hike or bike ride or whatever opportunities your communities provide to spend time outdoors

  • Support The Cairn Project fundraiser

  • Celebrate the achievements in your pod and across 500 Women Scientists

  • Host a BBQ or Potluck 

  • Take a group photo 

More details will be coming as we get closer to the launch date of June 3!