Take Action Tuesday

We are all aware that the EPA has come under attack by the new administration- facing serious funding cuts and cuts to regulations vital to human health and environmental protection. This week, the Fort Collins Pod has put together an action for you, to step up and tell the agency why our country needs environmental protection!

  • As part of the review of existing EPA regulations, the Agency is accepting comments until May 15th. The Regulatory Reform Task Force will factor these comments into their decisions to repeal or modify EPA regulations. Tweet @500WS after submitting with hashtag #ourEPA

You can find more info on how to comment here.

  • We also started an excel google doc where you can see examples of the comments we sent. Feel free to use these as a template and/or modify to make them your own.  If you come up with a great comment and want to share with others, feel free to add to the list.