Take Action Tuesday


The #fundUSAscience campaign has launched! Take 2 minutes to tweet today to help bring attention to science funding as the FY2018 budget negotiations get underway. 
1) Tell us how your science benefits society and add #fundUSAscience @500wsDC and a picture (sample tweets and instructions here). 

2) Time to revive our habit of calling our elected officials - get in touch with your elected official and let them know what you think about science funding, DACA, or any other topic.

How to have a productive call with your representative - http://www.ucsusa.org/action/phone-calls.html#.Wa7uoNOGMn0

To defend DACA, a list of resources from United We Dream and The National Immigration Law Center:

  1. Support bipartisan legislation that protects immigrant youth: Ask your legislators to co-sponsor S.1615 in the Senate and H.R. 3591 in the House. Check out Indivisible for more information on these bills and scripts to call your legislators.  

  2. Join United We Dream’s Day of Action: There are protests all across the country and you can find one or register your own action here. We encourage all who are able to show up and stand with Dreamers.

  3. Read about the impact of DACA: The law has allowed people to work and attend school without the constant fear of deportation. Read first-hand stories of DACA from the National Immigrant Law Center and share with family members and friends who may not understand or support the law.

  4. If you’re a DACA recipient: click here for reliable information from United We Dream and the National Immigrant Law Center on your rights.