Take Action Tuesday

Build your STEM community!

Last week’s Take Action Tuesday had many great resources for mental health awareness month, and it got me thinking about how to stay mentally healthy when life throws us so many ups and downs. One way I remind myself I’m not alone is by interacting with my scientific community through mentorship. Today’s action is focused on building up your mentorship network:

  1. FabFems is a national database of women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics who can join to become a mentor or request one anywhere in the U.S. Check it out today and consider joining to continue to build our community of strong, resilient women in STEM.

  2. #Askabrookie: A newly launched program designed by the Brook Owens aerospace fellows. Have a question about aerospace, then hit these ladies up!

  3. Check out our Mentorship page for more resources on mentorship and other programs.

  4. Do you have other networks you want us to know about? Let us know!

Today's Take Action Tuesday is brought to you by 500WS leader Rachael Nealer.