Take Action Tuesday

Join our #SciMomJourney, share your story and help support other Moms in Science

This week we are officially launching our #SciMomJourney campaign. Our goal is to bring more visibility to the challenges mothers in science face when starting or building their families.

  • Share your story! As part of this campaign, we are crowdsourcing experiences to shine a light on the challenges many moms face in scientific institutions and creating a repository of resources for sci-parents. You can also send a request to join our #SciMomJourney Slack workspace.

  • Subscribe to Milk and Cookies, a breastfeeding support blog created and run by Dr. Liz McCullagh, a member of the 500 Women Scientist Leadership Team.  We are partnering with Milk and Cookies as part of our campaign. Stay tuned to the blog for future stories.

  • Participate in this study that is focusing on stress and health during pregnancy. The study is run by Alison Karasz, PhD at Einstein College of Medicine. They are conducting an exploratory study on culture, stress, and the perinatal period. They are looking for mothers who have experienced stress during pregnancy or the post partum to participate in a qualitative interview on stress and health. We are interested in exploring how culture and community shape mothers’ health and experiences.  The study will consist of a brief screen and telephone interview. A $25 Amazon gift card will be provided to those who participate in the full interview, which may last up to 1 hour. If interested, please email: Nilifa.desilva@einstein.yu.edu.

  • Support refugee parents, Carry the Future whose mission is to “unite a loving, global community with refugee children and families to bring dignity, care and awareness to the refugee journey.” They provide critical items such as diapers, baby carriers, and baby beds, and we work on infrastructure projects that provide safety and stability in refugee communities.

Thank you to Tanya Dapkey for putting this post together.

Photo by Magdalena Kula Manchee on Unsplash