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Take Action Tuesday

Today, we call on the science community to reach out to their elected US Senators to oppose the nomination of Barry Myers as head of NOAA.

Barry Myers has a track record of disregarding widespread sexual harassment allegations in his company AccuWeather. He has no science background. And he has spent decades attacking NOAA, the very agency he would be tasked with overseeing. He is unfit, he is morally corrupt, and he should not be confirmed.

All senators should be contacted but there are a handful of senators who should be especially targeted to oppose Barry Myers’ nomination, If you live in Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Arizona, or Maine, tell your Senators to not confirm Barry Myers.

Alaska: Senator Lisa Murkowski - list of local offices and phone numbers.

Arizona: Martha McSally

Colorado: Senator Cory Gardner - list of local offices and phone numbers.

Maine: Senator Susan Collins - list of local offices and phone numbers.

Photo by Gemma Evans on Unsplash

Today’s post by Jane Zelikova

Take Action Tuesday

Take Action Tuesday

We are all aware that the EPA has come under attack by the new administration- facing serious funding cuts and cuts to regulations vital to human health and environmental protection. This week, the Fort Collins Pod has put together an action for you, to step up and tell the agency why our country needs environmental protection!

Take Action Tuesday

To close out International Women’s Month, we dedicate this week’s actions to our young, aspiring scientists. Let’s support and inspire the next generation.

1) Have you scheduled time to visit a k-12 classroom or summer camp this year?  Now is the time! We want to hear about your outreach activities, post below!
There are many wonderful programs supporting young women in science. Here are a few that you may want to reach out to for volunteer opportunities.

2) We would also like to build a resource page for young women - help us find more and add them to the comments section!